ROSCAs: Rotating Savings And Credit Associations – Links & Resources

A. Articles

A curated list of 12 articles and journals on Banker Ladies, ROSCAs and Black Social Economy (Source:

All 12 articles in the link above are informative, and if you are new to ROSCAs, these 3 articles below are a good place to start: 

I. Mission Asset Fund: Lending circles is a gateway to empower our community

II. Money Club: Rotating savings and credit association (ROSCA): All you need to know 

 III. Grassroots Economic Organizing: How the Ghana susu system helps African Diaspora

B. Videos. 

What are ROSCAS? – An informative animation by WE TRUST Team that explains the benefits of ROSCAs

II. The Banker Ladies – (A Documentary by Director Esery Mondesir, about ROSCAs, Cooperatives, and Mutual Aid among Black Canadian Women in Toronto). 

III. A 4-part webinar series by Freedom Dreams (Part 2 specifically speaks about “Co-ops for Liberation”)

IV. ROSCAs – A Model for Sustainable Economic Growth by Natalie Holmes originally published by Post-Growth Institute

C. Podcasts.

I. Toronto Star: Responsible Investing for a Sustainable Economy with Guest Andria Barrett of the Banker Ladies Council of Canada.