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Week 31| WWN Reflections by @JulietKego: What Products & Services Are You Really Selling?

Quote on CosmeticsWWN Reflection by @JulietKego: Question – WHAT exactly are you selling and WHO are you selling it to? One of the most important lessons I was taught a few years ago in my MBA class is the ‘Reason behind the reason.’

That is why are people/companies REALLY in business? If you understand your big WHY, it drives your priorities, strategies, plans and success.

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WWN™ #ThrowbackThursday |#NwanyiBuIfe #EducateAGirl: Investing in Our Community/Public Schools

WWN Scholarship Recipients

WWN Scholarship Recipients and Co-Founder

In the first picture above are 2 of 5 WWN’s 2015 Scholarship Recipients: Chidinma Ezeudu and Blessing Ochomma of St Kizito Girls’ Secondary School. (Future courses of study: Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Respectively).

And in the second picture, I asked to take a picture with them, because like I told them, based on their passions, academic excellence, leadership skills, sense of humanity and creative abilities, they are sure to achieve greatness in the near future. (And I’d love to be a part of their story)!😀

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Week 29| WWN Reflections by @JulietKego: Follow Your Heart….And Remember To Take Your Head With You

Follow your heaRT“Follow your heart always, and remember to take your head along with you.” ~Alfred Adler

Heart and Head can be integrated for wholeness. Every part works in a synchronized pattern.

For the heart is all fiery passion, saying Go! Go! Go! Speak! Speak! Speak! Do! Do! Do! And the head is all reason, with a keen understanding of the power of timing and seasons.

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Postcards From Africa #13: “We Need More Brain Infrastructure!” By Senator Ben Murray Bruce

Education Quote Martin Luther KingAll the conspiracy theories about the Boko Haram uprising collapse when you consider the data painstakingly acquired by the Africa Health, Human & Social Development Information Service (Afri-Dev). I was just going through the data the other day and my thinking was that our chickens are coming home to roost. Nigeria has neglected education for so long and the grim statistics leave us no hiding place.

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Week 28| WWN Reflections by @JulietKego: 101 Questions for Nigerians in a Season of Change

‪#‎101Questions‬ WWN Reflection by @JulietKego: Is there a Cancer Recovery/Treatment Foundation or Kidney Foundation to help ameliorate the costs/burden of these expensive, difficult diseases? Is it sustainable to personally raise funds for individuals the way we do for the long-term? Are there preventative, mandatory screenings we should put in place? What is the worth of a human life here?

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Week 27| WWN Reflections by @JulietKego: Office of the Citizen and the Task of Personal Responisibility

WWN Reflection by @JulietKego: “The idea of ‪#‎OfficeofTheCitizen‬ is not about ‘changing’ anyone external to you. It’s really about personal accountability and responsibility. It is about taking ownership of how our everyday choices align with who we say we are/what we stand for. It is about fulfilling the personal leadership requirements of the highest office of the land: The Office of the Citizen.

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