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WWN Poetry#Change: If you see her…(A Song For My Motherland).

“Educating our young girls is the foundation for Nigeria’s growth and development.” ~ Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

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#Poetry4Change: The Magic of ‘Sister-Friends’

“I didn’t want to see her because it would make me feel better. I came because without her, it’s hard to remember who I am…” ~ Jodi PicoultMy Sister’s Keeper

Sister Friends


Floetry by JulietKego: The magic of ‘Sister-Friends’

We almost believed the myth of our alone-ness 

We almost fell for the fallacies and lies

of our sad separate-ness

Not just a part, that merely lives and dies

We are also part of a larger whole

Connected in heart, spirit and soul

This is the magic of having a sister-friend

One who stays loyal and true to the very end


One who willingly lets their own inner-light

Guide us in the lonely darkness of our night

They see us without the mirror’s lies

And understand our unwept, silent cries

Sharing our pains and rejoicing in our gains

Our flaws and nakedness they clearly see

Yet, with love in their hearts, they simply let us be!


Oh but the magic of friends, who celebrate our glory

And accept us even when we’re ‘bad’ and ‘unholy’

Embracing us in our private hell and shame

Steadfast and solid, they choose to stay the same

They are there when hopeful hearts get broken,

And spirits become far from merry

As we reminisce on girlish dreams long-buried


They are there when difficult relationships go and come

When young brides, weeping widows or single women become;

New lives rebuilt and new relationships reborn

There to tell us seemingly painful truths and harsh words

Holding us back when we choose to self-destruct on our own swords


Sister-Friends who rally round and crush the tiger’s tail

They save us from that path, and pray that we not derail

There are few things in life that are as sacred and sweet

As the magic of these true sister-friends

We’ve been gifted to meet.


© Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido

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30 minutes a day, reflect, meditate and pray!

Dear, dear friends When Life knocks you down Whole Woman Network

As the day begins and as it ends

For only 30 minutes each day

Imagine if you may

That you were one with the light within

And you stopped doing and started being

In being, imagine that you were all-knowing and all-seeing

That you could create everything out of nothing

And indeed the universe was yours in that sacred moment

Take this time for yourself and re-connect with you for a while

And see the landscapes of life suddenly look different by a long mile

Would you step out in courage and sing the songs in your heart or be silent?

Would you create empowering thoughts in your mind or snuff them of life?

Would you continue your patterns of pain, anger, fear and strife?

As you continue to doubt your power and think up excuses and reasons

Excuses of why you are not good enough and these are the wrong seasons

Today, take thirty minutes to reflect, meditate, pray and let your spirit soar and fly

And with an eagle’s wisdom begin to discern the truth from the lie

As you discard the fallacy of your unworthiness, and embrace your magnificence

Begin to bask in your light and beam out your true essence

Will you let the gift of time simply, slowly, sadly, pass you by

As you selfishly and fearfully hold on to your talents and big ‘WHY?’

Will you choose to take action in the midst of your fears and stand tall?

On the grave of those buried, limiting beliefs that crippled you to fall?

Dear, dear friends Faith

As the day begins and as it ends

For only 30 minutes each day

Imagine if you may

That you are co-heirs and co-creators

Of a kingdom built upon unconditional love

Imagine you had the wisdom of an eagle and the peace of a dove

And as you imagine you must know now

That the thought ‘impossible’ is a lie, and leads to endless cycles of ‘Fight-Flight’

Be certain now that for every dream you dream, be it in the day or at night

The question you must always ask is ‘How?’

How can it be done? How can you excel and pull through?

You must get off the fence and always take action, empowered action!

As you fulfil and honour your inner calling and passion

So dear, dear friends, for only 30 minutes a day,

Reflect, meditate and PRAY sitting, standing or on your knee

Magic and miracles happen if you let them be

So pray, work hard and simply flow with it, if you may,

This eternal spring of love and light within you

For the world awaits, as you manifest your light for all to see!


© ‘Kego Onyido