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It has taken a full day to process the news and finally be able to post an entry on this blog. On Feb 11 2012, the sad news reverberated around the world that Ms Whitney Elizabeth Houston, aka ‘The Voice’ had died at the age of 48.

Different reactions continue to trail her death; pain, shock, regret and even anger, at the waste of such an iconic and beautiful talent. Perhaps Eva Longoria best captured the mood of the whole world in her very poignant tweet: ” Today,  I am simply heart-broken”.

The Whole Woman Network celebrates Ms Houston’s phenomenal talent which transcended race, age and religion through her greatest gifts to us: her catalog of songs and that VOICE!

What are your favourite Whitney songs and what do they mean to you?

We posed the question to the group and here are the top 5 picks:

1. ‘I will always love you’

Originally written by the great Dolly Parton.  It was initially penned and sung as a bluesy-country song and Whitney did an unsurpassed cover of all covers!  She stirred our souls and had our spirit soaring when she effortlessly and flawlessly hit those other-worldly note!

2.  I wanna dance with somebody

This was the soundtrack of our youth. It was the background of many social nights; a coming of age, up-tempo song with just the right blend of innocence and an underlying maturity.

3.  ‘I’m every woman’

Another cover accomplished with Whitney’s distinctive flavour of power and presence. A song originally done by the legendary Chaka Khan but it would take Whitney to bring it to a newer generation of women. When she sang it, we all seemed to shared the authenticity of the lyrics and really believed.

4. A two-way tie betweenOne moment in time‘ and ‘The greatest love of all

These two songs stand out for being very inspirational and transcendental. Once in a long while, songs come along that unlock something deep within us and show us that there are no boundaries to our capabilities and we can all be so much more.

5. ‘I didn’t know my own strength’

Again, another winner of a song that speaks to the power within and the dimension to our spirits that is unstoppable, unquenchable and unbeatable!

Whitney played out her life on the world stage; the good, the great and the very ugly. Her death, though painful, gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect on the choices that we each face daily.

It is a chance to take a fresh and sober look at our lives- both our challenges and our triumphs, our passions and our weaknesses and most importantly our legacies….Mortality is a fickle thing. We must have the courage to pursue our purpose. We must find the faith to build only relationships that edify us before our creator. And the discernment to make the right choices and constantly seek new ways to serve others and add value . More than ever, we must decide to live our best lives NOW!!!

RIP Ms Whitney Elizabeth Houston.



Remember, you are not ordinary, you are divinely unique.

You are WOW (Wonderful One-of-a-kind Woman)!

w(H)olistically Yours,

© Whole Woman Network


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