#FixPublicSchools #EducateAGirl #EducateABoy | History of Education in Nigeria by AfricLearn

To address the gaps in Education and radically reform public schools in Nigeria, it is necessary to study the historical development, the previous and current structure, management, operations, regulatory frameworks, funding models, results, vision, philosophy, and their evolution over the years

“A man who does not know where the rain began to beat him, cannot say where he dried his body.” Albert Chinụalụmọgụ Achebe [Chinụa Achebe]


Source: AfricLearn [“The number one resource platform for all types of digital education textbooks, general books and a provider of scalable and effective education solutions for learning institutions”].


“AfricLearn is a cloud based e-book and digital learning management system solution driven by a vibrant and innovative company which applies cutting edge technology to, e-book content distribution, schools and other education settings. AfricLearn is underpinned by a flexible digital technology which enables e-books and contents to be easily aligned with the requirements of individual readers, teaching establishments and various curriculums.

AfricLearn provides access for publishers of Educational and Non Educational (Fiction & Non Fiction) e-books to distribute and sell their books digitally via a secured platform with a piracy protected DRM technology.

Our products and services enables private readers, publishers, teachers, schools and education establishments to enhance individual and collective user reading and learning experiences, by utilising a modern flexible solution which stimulate creativity, generate excitement and motivates general readers and students whilst maintaining the required depth of knowledge.

AfricLearn’s e-books and educational textbook resources can be accessed by users across the following types of personal devices.” | Source: AfricLearn


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