DAY 13: Take ACTION and Transform Your Life!

At the core of our transformational Training, Leadership and Coaching programs at Whole Woman Network, are principles of Self-Love, Self-Accountability and Self-Leadership. You have the unique gift and ability to co-create your life and design your destiny. Own it! Be grateful

WWN Reflection DAY 13: Take ACTION and Transform Your Life!

Today, consciously reflect on what and who gives you the most joy and enables you grow the most. They may not necessarily be people you ‘like’, however, they are definitely people that ‘push your hot buttons!’

Life is neutral. Anything and anyone that charges up your energy is there for an important reason. There are no coincidences. Life is all about synchronism. They are in your life to force you to really pay attention, look inwards and grow. These are the people and activities you should focus ALL your energies on. Everything and everyone else may as well be a WASTE of your precious time!

Develop a deep awareness and gratitude for everyone and everything that’s been a source of joy and growth in your life. Take the time to call, visit and text these people and let them know how you love and appreciate them. You will be amazed at the results, both for you and for them.

LOVE and appreciation always heal! Even if the people live in the same household as you, speak with them, or even better still, send them a text or even write a letter to them appreciating them! Often it is easier to show love, appreciation and curtesy to strangers and not to our closest family and friends.

Positive words and thoughts are POWERFUL. They heal  and empower both the thinker and the receiver, the speaker and the listener, the writer and the reader! Write a ‘private’ letter to your loved ones and those who may have done you wrong (and also those whom you’ve wronged) and explicitly, express every single thing they did that hurt you and caused you pain. The more specific you are in your description of pain, the more it loses its power.Possibilities

Describe all the feelings you felt and still feel: betrayed, despair, anger, jealousy, envy, guilt, shame, unworthy, unlovable, stuck, sadness, fear, hurt…take the time to read this letter out loud in private, then BURN all the letters as you say a prayer of forgiveness for yourself and for others.

Forgiveness is a DECISION based on faith. Try to go back in time to those events and instead of focusing on the negative feelings, choose to focus on the learning. You will find that as soon as you decide to let go, everything crumbles and the ‘juice’ of the pain disappears.

We hold ourselves captive when we choose not to let go and forgive. Forgiveness creates a new future and re-frames the past with respect to the appropriate content and context.

Remember, external things may happen to you but only YOU control your response and interpretation of those things. You can choose to be reactive or proactive, the former dis-empowers and leaves you drained, while the latter empowers and energizes. Commit and continue with this exercise. You need at least 3 days to release and let go of your limiting beliefs, painful experiences and forgive those who did you wrong (and vice versa). Remember that it is easier to remember those that did us wrong but please reflect deeply and honestly on the role(s) you played.

ForgivenessThe ‘victim mentality’ is a selfish place to be. That is, when you sit passively and ALLOW people to do ‘bad’ things to you , treat you unfairly and/or disrespect you. Sometimes our fear of rejection, and of being perceived as ‘not being a nice person’, keep us in a quasi-state of bondage! The more we love, forgive and respect ourselves, people around us begin to mirror our behaviour. You teach people how to treat you, period!

You can be gentle, kind and yet firm in expressing what you do or do not want.
-Setting healthy boundaries will help us in our faith with God and in our relationships with others. Boundaries make life choices so much more easier because they act as fence protecting you from others and yourself. When you are clear on your principles and consistently walk your talk, life become more effortless and free of drama.

With each incident and person you choose to let go, I hope you begin to feel more joyous, peaceful, empathetic and also blessed with a wonderful sense of freedom to accomplish greater things. Often, only WE hold ourselves back from personal and professional success. Today is the day to DECIDE to break-through your self-imposed socio-emotional, financial, mental and spiritual glass ceilings. Fear less, hope more

-(NOTE: When done with integrity, this can be a very difficult, yet soul-searching exercise, and  at the end you WILL feel a deep sense of physical, spiritual and emotional release and peace!)

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The preceding is a guest post from Juliet Ume, MBA –Strategic Interventionist, Wealth Management Consultant & Leadership-Coach at Whole Woman Network. Juliet is an avid Life Connoisseur and a passionate advocate of WomEntrepreneurship, Leadership Training, Investment & Financial Literacy for women. Her mission is simply to engage, educate and empower women, regardless of their levels of income or background, to return to ‘wholeness’ and live Healthier, Sexier, Wealthier Lives using Faith-based, Scientific and Universal (Common-Sense) principles! Follow her on Twitter: @wholewomaninc, @julietumeinc.

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    • Sonia, thank you! We’re so glad to know we inspire and make you stronger. Pay it forward by sharing our blog/content with others and join us in our mission to engage/educate/empower people to wholeness! Have an awesome and blessed weekend ahead. -Rgrds, Juliet


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